Affordable New Smart Phones in India – Samsung REX Line

Rekha February 17, 2013 Comments Off

In its bid to enter the emerging markets in developing countries like India, Samsung has unleashed its new REX smart phones.

Most major smart phone providers know that their best bet is the huge emerging market in Asia and Africa. That is why most of them consider India as one of their prime target markets. Tech giant Samsung is no exception and in their bid to capture a good part of the 653 million strong markets in India, they have now come up with their REX line of smart phones for the users of the country.

One of the reasons that have prompted Samsung to go with unleashing the smart phone in India is the price constrained nature of the market. In their bid to capture the imagination of the consumers they have also to spur their swords with big rivals like Nokia that has already made a leap forward with their low cost Asha mobile handsets in the market.

Dual SIM as well as social networking services that are preinstalled; forms part of some of the unique features of the REX line up. To cater with the differences in tastes and preferences of the target consumers, Samsung has also come up with four variations of the REX smart phones that include REX 60, 70, 80, and 90 respectively.

Samsung REX Line

According to the Company sources, these are their features smart phones with the combination of intelligence as well as the ability to take the experience of the user to the next levels of mobile phone use. With the screen size varying in the range of 2.8 through 3.5 inches saddled with QVGA touch-screen capabilities, the resolution and display are both quite satisfactory. In addition; the smart phone also are loaded with cameras in the range of 1.3 through 3.2 megapixels.

According to JK Shin, the head of the IT mobile division of Samsung, the new smart phones have the objective of seamlessly prioritize as well as consolidate all the most essential mobile functions that are popular among the customers. At the same time it also aims to give the buyers the best value for their money.

Understanding the rather price constrained nature of the potential consumer market in India, the Company has also tried to keep the price tag within affordable limits for most; in the range of INR 4280-6490. Consumers buying the handsets will find their money’s worth in various features and support systems available with the mobile phone.

Basic difference of the REX line with the Galaxy series offered by Samsung is that the former runs on Java and supports the TouchWiz user interface provided by the Company. While the handset provides support for Apple Stores, it does not support 3G connectivity.

Target customers for the mobile to be marketed from February onwards are the young mass of the country. The Company is looking forward to the experience in Indian market before it launches the REX series in other big potential markets like China and South America.

Objective of Samsung is quite clear. They want to emulate the experience of Nokia that sold almost double the number of inexpensive Asha phones in the 4th quarter of 2012 in comparison to their flagship Nokia Lumia.

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