Can Apple Overcome Rivals with iPhone5 Smart?

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For nine long years Apple has been the market leader in smart phones. However it seems that their supremacy is threatened seriously. Can they overcome the threat?

For nine long years; Apple has been the sole leader in the smart phone market. However with rivals coming up with newer ideas pretty consistently, their supremacy seems to be threatened considerably. Keeping in tact the number one position is always one of the toughest tasks for any market leader and the pertinent question is can Apple iPhone5 ensure the top position for the Company?

What Opinion Survey Says

Recent opinion surveys conducted in respect of the smart phone markets reveal that Apple iPhone5 is lagging behind the Android phones like Google Nexus 4 in terms of user satisfaction. Not only the Nexus 4 but the iPhone was found lagging behind the Galaxy Note II as well.

A Comparison

Basic advantage of Apple iPhone5 is that the hardware used is of very high quality. At the same time the disadvantage is that the software has started showing signs of ageing. Unfortunately, most users are more concerned with software quality in comparison to hardware quality. There are also sufficient reasons for this. Few users would like to continue with the same hardware devices for more than five years at a stretch and the same people will like the latest software downloaded on their device from time to time. In this regard; Apple falls behind both Nexus and Galaxy Note, especially owing to its dedicated operating system.

Apple iPhone5

Shortcomings in iOS

Basic problems of Apple iPhone5 is in the operation system iOS. In terms of notifications, iOS can be considered barebones in comparison to its rival Android. While options are clearly limited in the iOS, connectivity options are much greater in Android. In addition; the iOS also requires multiple taps and swipes to work whereas Android users find it much easier and smoother. Hence when it comes to the use of popular connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, Android is far ahead of iOS despite the jailbreak version of iOS 6.1 which accounted for somewhat enhanced connectivity features.

Jailbreak Version Advantages

Some of the advantages of jailbreak version of iOS are that it gives the users much greater freedom to tweak. With NCS settings, the iOS notification center is made user friendly. That is why among all the versions of iOS the jailbreak version is most popular. Yet a lot is still required to make iOS even balanced with its Android counterparts and unless that is achieved, there will be little chance for the Apple iPhone5 retaining its top position for long.

Third Party Applications

Another great disadvantage in respect of Apple iPhone5 is that the operating system iOS restricts third party applications while the Android is compatible to many. Users would rarely like to be confined to a specific compartment and cell and they are flocking for the Android at the expense of iOS.

Unless Apple takes immediate steps to make its operating system user friendly; or even change it for something more acceptable to users en-masse; there is little chances of Apple retaining its top position for long with or without Apple iPhone5. Signs are already on the horizon with the profit line of Apple dropping to record lowest of the decade and unless Apple takes immediate steps to stem the rot, no one can save the Titanic from sinking.

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