How Will Google Glass Fare With Users?

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Following the footsteps of the popular social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google has introduced Google Glass as its social platform. Question is how it is going to fare with users online.

In the recently held Vanity Fair Oscars Party that was a sequel to the 85th Academy Awards held night before, Sergey Brin; the cofounder of Google with wife Anne Wojcicki was found promoting the new Google Glass app saddled with a pair of wearable computers resembling eyeglasses.

Inspiration for the Idea

Obvious reason that inspired the duo for such activities is to assess how Google Glass is going to be accepted by prospective users and what the ultimate response quantum would be to their new app. Using a master stroke by inviting the Hollywood glamour masters to test the prototypes, they really were into it.

Viewers are Impressed

That Google Glass had caught the attention of the viewers was clear from the comments made by Wojcicki who said that despite coming to the celebrations a number of times they were hardly noticed by celebrities but this time the introduction of Google Glass prototype has made a huge difference and they had gained popularity overnight.

Automatic Picture Taking Facility

Mr Brin on the other hand was giving out some of the features of the Google Glass that users may find unique and to their liking. According to him: “Glass will also have an automatic picture-taking mode snapping pictures at present intervals…” In addition; Brin also demonstrated through email the feature of Google Glass for viewers online.

Google Glass Fare

Virtual Presence in Occasions

There is a cliché in all these at the same time. All Google Glass will not automatically record the images at preset intervals. It was clarified a designing team member and spokesman for Google that in the first shipments of Google Glass; this auto photo feature may not be present. Still; some of the extremely fascinating images recorded by Brin could easily attract the attention of the viewers. For common viewers, it will be great experience being able to peep into the lives and lifestyle of big celebrities, especially from Hollywood. A virtual presence in the Vanity Fair Oscar Party may not remain a distant dream for long with Google Glass around.

Transforming the Way of Interaction

One of the most exciting factors about Google Glass is that it could easily transform the way people are now interacting with Google. It will completely transform the way users interact with Google and may turn out to be an assistant for them. Objective of Google is clear as they want to have similar impact on the web as has been made by Facebook, Twitter and some other social media sites. From the user’s perspective the hands free and hassle free navigation is the great advantage of using Google Glass.

Voice Command Feature

Another very useful feature is the voice command in line with the Apple Siri. Users will now be able to search the web for any purpose including answering questions or retrieving information without using their hands.

Instead of remaining a singled out activity, web surfing with Google Glass will become part of a whole set of activities.

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