Amazon Reduced $50 on Kindle Fire HD for a One-Day Deal

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Amazon reduced the price of its tablet Kindle Fire HD by$50 on Monday. It was a one-day deal, which came within a month of the release of the gadget. It was a limited quantity offer and probably introduced considering the upcoming festive season. The device (8.9 inches Wi-Fi model) was sold at $249 after slashing $50 and the 4G LTE model was sold for $449 with the same discount. The deal was exclusively offered by Amazon and was not available with any third party retailers. Every variant of Kindle Fire HD, whether it is 16GB or 32GB model, included this discount.

According to a section, Amazon was not getting expected sales figure for this Kindle Fire HD tablet. Thus, they needed to boost the sales and introduced this one-day deal of $50 discount. They doubt over the fact that Amazon has not released the sales figures on 8.9 version of Kindle Fire HD, which could be an indication that the numbers are not that impressive. Though, Amazon said that it was just a holiday sale and they are quite happy with the way this tablet is performing in terms of sales. Whatever the reason is, the deal was beneficial for those who wanted to purchase this tablet.

Amazon Reduced $50 on Kindle Fire HD for a One-Day Deal

The offer was made available like a discount code. Those who wanted to buy the device visited and followed normal procedures of adding the item to the cart and buying it. However, there was a discount code “FIREHD89”, which was used at the time of final checkout to get the tablet with a cut of $50 from the price tag. Only one discount was allotted per customer, as it was a limited offer. According to the reports, till 4pm, the promotion was not sold out.

Kindle Fire HD was not the only model that got its price slashed, as there was another model too. In fact, the day was quite good for those who wanted to purchase gadgets at reduced price. The other device is the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch, an e-reader, got a permanent price cut. The new price is $20 less than the previous discounted price and now it is available for $79 only.

According to the market analysis, the demand for the e-book readers and tablets has increased and people are showing interest to grab these gadgets. That is why the prices are being slashed so that maximum number of sales can be registered in the festive season. In fact, an infographic display in the site of Techbargains showed that tablets are the most wanted gift items in 2012. Huge number of people is eyeing to grab tablets as a holiday gift and the preference for Kindle Fire HD is 24% specifically. The survey also revealed that Google Nexus 7 is the most-wanted in the list with 33% people voting in its favor. Apple’s iPad is on the preference list of 30% buyers and iPad min is preferred by 24%.

The tablets are not only purchased for the purpose of gifting to someone else. The percentage of buying tablets for gifting is 46%, whereas a good 34% of buyers are interested to purchase a tablet for their own usage. This shows that Amazon’s plan to reduce the price of Kindle Fire HD by $50 for one day was a good plan.

The tablet is loaded with some attractive features. The HD display of 1920×1200 comes with anti glare and polarizing filter technologies so that the users can experience deep contrast and rich color from any angle while viewing.

1.5 GHz dual core processor combined with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics ensures great performance. The experience of download and streaming is 40% faster due to dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi.

Communication is definitely easier with the integrated support of Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

According to, the device will be soon loaded with Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a feature only for the kids. Kids will be getting unlimited access to TV shows, movies, games, books and apps.

Thus, people who have purchased the Kindle Fire HD with $50 discount have surely got a great deal and will be able to enjoy several other advantages in the future.

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