Top Applications for Tablets and Smart Phones for 2012

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Year 2012 is coming to its end. It would be interesting to have a look back on the top applications for tablets and smart phones for the year 2012.

One of the leading trends of the year 2012 was the tilt towards tablets and smart phones. As we are approaching the fag end of the year, it would be interesting to have a look back on best applications that came up during the year for tablets and smart phones. Numerous applications saw daylight during the year that is about to become part of history like the Action Movie FX, Try SwiftKey3, and the Songza music. Some became very popular catering to real needs of the users while others received only lukewarm response.

Inexpensive Downloads

Those that were using the iPad, Android, or iPhone could benefit from a host of inexpensive applications that came up during the year helping them out in musical, digital as well as smart phone activities. Most popular apps of the year included not only the ones that made their arrival during the year but also many others that were from previous years and were good even today.

Free Interactive App of Bad Robot

Action Movie FX that is the free interactive app of Bad Robot; can easily add special effects cloning the Hollywood styles. Users can use their device camera for recording of things around cloning the real life events and adding action events with them. Dozens of such effects are available and the in-app to be purchased costs the user only 99 cents apiece. There are also numerous points of interests for those who like video games such as the “Black Ops II” and the “Call of Duty”.

Applications for Tablets and Smart Phones for 2012

Music Streaming Application

When it comes to the music streaming applications, few can contest with the free Songza that not only comes with excellent music streaming capabilities but also with custom playlist that is created by the experts on the web. This application is compatible to and available in Apple iOS, Kindle Fire, as well as Android. Best part of it is that it enables the users to play the right music at the right moment and right place. Some of the most popular items in the play lists are “Music for a Weekday Dance Party”,  Music while working”, and the “Songs in Apple Commercials”.  Icing on the cake for the end user is that the application is completely free.

Bad Replacements Brings Back Good Original

It was also experienced during this particular year that bad or inferior replacements pave the way for bringing back the original. When Apple replaced the very popular and effective Google Maps with its own mapping application, there were immediately a host of complaints from the users. Google Map had to be brought back and it was brought back with improvements to the delight of the end users during December 2012. Not only it gives accurate turn-by-turn directions to any of the destinations but also offers smart local searches that include reviews, ratings, as well as 3600 street view. Added bonus for the user is the ability to sync the smart phone, tablet and PC activities.

User –Created Guide

One of the best user-created guides online is the Snapguide app for the iOS. It has everything from the smallest to some of the most complicated task accomplishment and the process of doing them. In addition; there are multiple holiday themed snapguide as well. An example is the guide on “How to Make the Wine Corks Wreath”.  Beauty of these guides is that each of them offer step-by-step lesson that include both photos and videos. With a free account the user will also be eligible for leaving comments and send private messages to other users.

App to Save Contents

If saving contents is a worry for the end user, he or she can comfortably use the “Pocket” app to save such contents. Saving such contents help the user to read them later without bookmarking and without any Internet connection. It is also possible accessing the saved contents with multiple devices by signing up the free account and use of the simple user interface.

There are multiple other apps that include SwiftKey3 that comes at a cost of around $2, and older apps like “Skype”, “Cloud”, and “Flipboard” that are effective and can enhance the user’s experience to another level altogether and that are why they still continue to be in the top app list for tablets and smart phones in 2012.

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